Charging Station

250 kW charging station

Rapid charging station, up to 250 kW divided between 4 DC charging points

The e-Fast is a new generation charging station with a simple ergonomic design. If offers innovative features including very rapid charging. It is designed for local authorities with networks of public charging stations. It will soon be rolled out on Métropolis, the Greater Paris charging station network.

The principle is to have 250 kW of power divided between 4 charging points, 3 Combo and 1 CHAdeMO. Each charging point has its own touch screen and a bank card payment terminal.

  • Targets: Local authorities and public access sites
  • Power: 250 kW divided between 4 CPs, each able to supply between 50 and 150 kW
  • Cables: Combo and CHAdeMO
  • Access: RFID card + credit card terminal
  • Smart charging: load balancing of the 250 kW between the 4 DC charging points
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