E-Premium AC/DC
Charging Station (50 or 100 KW)

50 kW rapid charging station

Upgradable up to 100 kW

The e-Premium 50 kW comes with the same front as the e-Premium 22 kW, so all the stations in the network match. It also ensures a simplified user pathway.

This charging station has a 43 kW AC charging point and a 50 kW DC charging point with a Combo and CHAdeMO cable.

This station can be upgraded to 100 kW on-site, with no need to return it to the factory.

  • Target: local authorities
  • Power: 50-100 kW
  • Connectors: EF and T2 + Combo and CHAdeMO
  • Access: RFID card + credit card terminal option
  • Upgrade: 50 kW terminal upgrade on site up to 100 kW
To find out all about the e-Premium 50 kW, request our brochure.