e-Totem offers turnkey solutions
Concentrate on what you do while we manage your charging stations’ network.

  • Integrated
    From manufacturing to services operation, our teams are able to manage every stage of your charging station installation project.
  • Smart energy
    Based on the power available to the charging station, your usage and your electric vehicles, we will define a prioritisation and load balancing model to ensure your installation is never overloaded.
  • An easy user
    With access to charging stations using a company card or the e-Totem card allowing the use of the public charging stations in the e-Totem network.
  • An affordable
    Take advantage of a grant of between 30% and 60% of the cost of the supply and installation of your electric vehicle charging stations under the ADVENIR scheme accessible through e-Totem (more information on https://advenir.mobi/).
  • Supervision
    of your charging stations.
    The supervision of your network of electric vehicle charging stations is entirely managed by e-Totem (published, hosted and hotline based in France). All updates and server maintenance are included.
  • Charging
    If your charging is to be a paid service, e-Totem can take care of billing the electricity consumed directly to users. For public access sites, e-Totem can make your charging points visible to drivers of electric vehicles.