e-Premium AC
Charging Station (22 kW)

22 kW charging station

Upgradable to 22/25 kW AC/DC

The natively communicating e-Premium charging station has two charging points under lockable covers and a pedestal capable of housing the electricity supplier’s delivery substation.

It is ergonomically designed to make access simple and intuitive for users and maintenance technicians.

Various options are available to add on to the basic charging station: 10″ touch screen, payment terminal, complete custom adhesive wrapping, upgrading possible (on-site upgrading, with no need to return to the factory, to the 22/25 kW AC/DC version).

  • Target: public bodies
  • Power: from 22 kW AC to 25 kW DC
  • Connectors: EF and T2 + Combo and CHAdeMO for the AC/DC version
  • Access: RFID card + credit card terminal option
  • Upgrades: 22 kW terminal upgrade on site to 22/25 kW AC/DC
To find out all about the e-Premium 22 kW, request our brochure