e-Totem meets the needs of local authorities
with a service managing public charging stations in on-street locations.

e-Totem offers:

  • AC and DC electric vehicle charging stations;
  • Supervision software;
  • Outsourced management;
  • Operation of your charging stations.

e-Totem is also an investment structure: under a public domain occupancy agreement or delegated public service agreement, e-Totem can invest to develop ecomobility in your authority’s area.

NB: Grants are available in France under the ADVENIR scheme. Grants are for 60% of the cost of the supply and installation of the charging stations, with an upper limit of between €2,100 and €9,000 depending on the type of charging station. Grant applications must be made through an ADVENIR-approved company, although the grant will be paid directly to the company or local authority.