e-Premium AC/DC
Charging Station (22/25 KW)

22/25 kW fast charging station

With two simultaneous charging points

  • Charging: 2 charging points under lockable covers, a pedestal for the electricity supplier’s 36 kVA distribution substation (access to the substation by triangle key, separation from the rest of the charging station, meter, electrical box 40 cm above finished ground level).
  • Power: 22 kW AC on the left side with a type 2 connector and 25 kW DC on the right side with Combo and CHAdeMO cables;
  • Design: Formal, neat, simple and visible (evokes a high tech world, conveys a positive, reassuring message to the user), same design as the 22 kW and 50 kW stations, harmonised territory;
  • Ergonomics: Simple, intuitive access (for users and maintenance technicians);
  • Screen: 10″ colour screen displaying the user instructions in 4 languages;
  • Options: Bank card payment terminal and complete custom adhesive wrapping of the terminal
To find out all about the e-Premium 22/25 kW, request our brochure.