e-Totem also offers custom solutions for multiple dwelling/co-owned buildings.
with tailor-made solutions for each type of building.

The smart charging system offered for e-Totem charging stations is another important feature as it allows you to avoid overloading the electrical installation.

The benefit?

  • Complete solutions for building managers, renters or owners of multiple dwelling buildings;
  • e-Totem provides you with the most suitable charging stations, takes care of the installation work and manages the operation of your pool of charging points;
  • e-Totem helps you to create consumption statements so that you can bill your tenants.

The principle?

We will work with you to implement your project in 3 stages:

– the study of your project. e-Totem analyses your needs and likely usage and proposes a charging solution adapted to the characteristics of the site, whilst optimising its impact on your electrical installation.

– Customisation and installation of the charging station or pool of charging points. Installation and connection are carried out under our supervision by our qualified EVCI installers.

– Commissioning and ongoing support (remote access and management). e-Totem takes care of commissioning the charging stations and supports the company with the integration of the system. e-Totem’s expertise covers all the components in the chain, thereby guaranteeing you availability and long-term sustainability of your charging solution.

We will support you with setting up the smart charging system based on the instant electrical loads on your building’s installation: static smart charging or dynamic smart charging.

NB: Grants are available in France under the ADVENIR scheme. The grants cover 50% of the cost of the supply and installation of the charging stations up to a limit of between €960 and €1,660 per charging point, for an installation on a multiple dwelling car park. Grant applications must be made through an ADVENIR-approved company, although the grant will be paid directly to the company or local authority.