EV, Roads and Mobilities Manager at Effia

“e-Totem has been supporting EFFIA with its roll-out of electric vehicle charging stations for four years. We now have almost 1,000 charging points spread all over the country, the result of a partnership approach that has enabled us to co-build a tailor-made ecosystem (infrastructure and services). “

N.D, Sustainable Development Department, Bayer

“At Bayer we have been encouraging our staff to use soft, clean modes of transport for a long time. Installing charging stations on our Loos was the logical next move following on from all that we had already done to contribute to improving air quality in our region. Choosing e-Totem meant choosing Made in France since everything from design to the operator service takes place in France.”

C.B, Group Supply Chain Director at Rivolier

“We needed a charging station for staff and visitors. E-totem provided us with a modular and above all ready-to-go solution, taking care of all the technical and administrative aspects. Personally, I spent a minimum of time on the matter, but we came out with a functional, ergonomic charging station that meets our needs. We plan to deploy more of this type of solution in the near future.”